Administrative Hearings

Advocacy During Administrative Hearings

Do not face a powerful administrative agency or board on your own when they hold the fate of your career in their hands. You may have a thorough knowledge of your industry, but we know the laws, rules and standards that govern it. Threats of license suspension or revocation require a measured response from an experienced professional licensing attorney.  An initial hearing before a State Agency or Office of State Administrative Hearings is a mini-trial where the rules of evidence must be applied.  You will be facing an agency with an experienced attorney and should be ready to respond accordingly. 

You need the level of advocacy that we provide professionals in the Atlanta area, State of Georgia and nationally at the law office of Melvin M. Goldstein.

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When Your Professional License is Threatened

Attorney Melvin M. Goldstein brings over three decades of experience in appearing before administrative boards when his clients are faced with the following matters that threaten a professional license or business:

  • Violations of professional rules, laws and standards
  • Charges of incompetence or impairment
  • Criminal convictions
  • Mental or physical disabilities affecting performance
  • Sexual impropriety/boundary violations
  • Complaints to professional organizations
  • Complaints from disgruntled employees
  • Allegations of malpractice
  • Record keeping violations

You Need an Attorney Offering Insight and a Unique Point of View

In addition to his experience in defending doctors, dentists and owners of day care centers, among others, Mr. Goldstein is a former assistant attorney general. In that capacity, he prosecuted professional license cases for the state of Georgia. He also served as a judge and hearing officer during administrative hearings involving professional misconduct allegations.

That insight is invaluable to maintaining your license and being able to continue your professional life. When you want to put the problems behind you and get back to work, you need an experienced professional. Far too much is at stake to face an administrative hearing on your own. A possible suspension, revocation or other action against your professional license could result, ending years of your hard work and success.

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