Personal Care Homes

The Help You Need When Targeted by Governmental Boards

Personal care centers and assisted living facilities provide a valuable service to those who cannot care for themselves. Families place trust in them and powerful governing boards monitor their activity. While rewarding in some respects, the daily operations bring challenges when you are targeted by the state for alleged violations. It can also endanger participation in many state and federal programs such as Medicaid, CCSP and others.

If your personal care or assisted living center is the target of constant inspections or threatened with closure, contact professional licensing attorney Melvin M. Goldstein.

Simply put, you cannot face a powerful governmental entity without the help of an aggressive and knowledgeable advocate. Contact our Atlanta-area law firm regarding a license problem at 770-425-4277

When You Are Treated Unfairly by the State

The Georgia State Department of Community Health governs personal care homes and assisted living facilities. They enforce various rules and regulations that set standards for these entities. A department representative or surveyor visiting a property may randomly demand that a personal care center be shut down based after an unfair or biased review and inspection.

Countering Their Actions with Aggressive Representation

At the law office of Melvin M. Goldstein, we make sure that a surveyor's decision is not the final word on the future of your facility or state or federal programs involved. If surveyors are sent out to find the most minor of violations, we counter their aggressive approach with immediate responses and legal action. They may have power, but you have rights and we will fight to protect those rights.

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