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Allegations of misconduct or malpractice can put your career as a physician or other type of medical professional at risk. Years of education, financial hardship and hard work in building a medical practice can be undone by allegations and board and hospital decisions that may become matters of public record. In these situations, it is crucial to have an experienced licensing lawyer who represents medical practitioners on your side.

In general, problems can arise from licensure in other jurisdictions, board complaints and actions, impairment, Medicaid and Medicare fraud, as well as hospital peer review matters. The law firm of Melvin M. Goldstein, has handled all of those types of problems in a professional manner.

As to issues of impairment, the Medical Board has developed a relationship with the Georgia Professionals Health Program, Inc.  However, the Board still accepts evaluations in programs offered by others.  Many physicians are forced to enroll in the Georgia PHP and resent some of the demands made by them.  Mr. Goldstein suggests to contact him and explore your options. 

Protect your medical license. Protect your reputation. Protect your career. Protect your rights. Contact our Atlanta licensure defense attorney online or call 770-425-4277 to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

Dedicated Handling of Cases Before the Medical Board

The Georgia Composite Medical Board regulates physicians, physicians' assistants, respiratory care professionals, orthotists, clinical perfusionists and makers of orthotics and prosthetics. The board's mission statement is to "protect the health of Georgians through the proper licensing of physicians and certain members of the healing arts and through the objective enforcement of the Medical Practice Act."

The Medical Practice Act was completely amended in 2009. O.C.G.A. § 43-34-8 and the rules and regulations of the Medical Board provide the specific grounds upon which the Board may take action. Prior to its amendment, the Medical Association of Georgia published an article by attorney Melvin M. Goldstein regarding the composition, purpose and regulatory authority of the Medical Board.

The board has the resources of the state of Georgia behind it when it comes to prosecuting professionals who are accused of wrongdoing. Fortunately, you can counter the powerful resources that oppose you with knowledgeable representation of your own. You will find the dedicated advocacy you need and deserve at the law office of Melvin M. Goldstein, We provide high-quality legal services to medical professionals when they need it most.

Experience on Both Sides of Physician Licensing Cases

Melvin M. Goldstein has appeared before the Georgia Composite Medical Board in several capacities. He is a former assistant attorney general who prosecuted physician licensing cases against doctors accused of professional misconduct. Today, he brings that insight to help medical professionals who are facing career-threatening board decisions. That includes representation before the impairment committee that handles cases involving doctors who are accused of being impaired. That also includes physicians accused of boundary violations, prescribing violations, unprofessional conduct and a failure to meet the minimal standards of prevailing medical practice.

Physician licensing is a niche area of the law that requires the skill of an experienced advocate. We provide clients with that all-important and unique point of view into how the opposing side handles these types of cases. Physicians are subject to many different types of disciplinary sanctions. Years of working within the system have allowed Mr. Goldstein to gain insight into the people, agencies and issues that other attorneys lack. It is important to have a seasoned and aggressive advocate on your side.

Your Career and Reputation Are at Stake

Board decisions are typically made part of the public record and will follow you wherever you decide to work. Information that is easily disseminated on the Internet can have a negative impact on your practice. Do not be abused by a powerful entity. Let us help you even the odds you face.

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