Petitions for Judicial Review

Protecting Your Right to a Judicial Review

Whether you have suffered a denial of a license application or you have received notice of disciplinary action against your professional licensure, you need an attorney experienced in this complex area of administrative law. Georgia professionals trust the law office of Melvin M. Goldstein, when their careers on the line, when they need a petition for judicial review or other legal action.

If you are facing an adverse action related to your license, you want an advocate at your side. Make sure that your rights are protected on appeal. While most cases are filed under the Georgia Administrative Procedure Act, O.C.G.A. Section 50-13-19, other code sections may apply.

Filing an appeal is not a "do-it-yourself" process. Contact our Atlanta-area office at 770-425-4277

You Have the Right to Pursue Court Action Related to Your License

Loss of a license or discipline by a governing board, agency or commission does not have to be the last word. That decision may leave your career as a doctor or real estate professional in ruins or prevent you from securing licensure in the first place. Court action is often necessary.

A Judicial Review often hinges on several factors:

  • Investigating the final decision
  • Arguing why, as a matter of law, the decision was incorrect
  • Proving that the law was applied incorrectly
  • Demonstrating that the rules and regulations were applied improperly
  • The record that was made below
  • Questioning the application of the law

You Need Insight From a Defense Attorney Experienced on the Opposing Side

The 35 years of experience that Melvin M. Goldstein boasts time as an assistant attorney general prosecuting license-related matters. He also served in capacities as an administrative law judge and hearing officer. With insight on so many levels of the process, he provides a level of advocacy that few professional licensing attorneys can provide.

You Need Advocacy from an Aggressive Professional Licensing Attorney

The law office of Melvin M. Goldstein, will serve as your most dedicated and diligent advocate in filing a petition for judicial review. That so-called final decision made by a board or agency is anything but final. We will aggressively pursue your claim and fight for the best outcome.

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