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Protecting the Careers of Real Estate Professionals

Georgia and Atlanta-area real estate professionals and those aspiring to join the industry as licensed professionals come to the law office of Melvin M. Goldstein, We work with agents, appraisers and other real estate professionals that have encountered a variety of license-related problems. They may have been treated unfairly by their governing entity and need representation to secure or maintain licensure.

If you are pursuing a real estate license or defending a possible revocation, a "do-it-yourself" method is not a wise strategy. You need a seasoned attorney who will take an in-depth approach in defending you and your professional future. Contact us at 770-425-4277

A Higher Level of Insight and Experience For Real Estate Professionals

At the law office of Melvin M. Goldstein, we often appear before the Georgia State Real Estate Commission and Appraisers Board that regulates real estate licensees, appraisers and brokers. This powerful governmental entity does not make the process easy for potential applicants. Individuals seeking a real estate license are frequently turned down because of something in their past. They need an experienced legal advocate at their side to argue for their license and protect their rights.

We have succeeded in turning license denials into approvals through arguments based on the facts. Melvin M. Goldstein once prosecuted cases for licensing boards. He knows how decisions are made and the criteria often used. He brings that experience to benefit you and real estate professionals throughout the state.

At Your Side When Your Real Estate Career is at Stake

In addition to real estate license matters, we can help if you are accused of violating a regulation related to a trust account or other related matters. The board can impose serious sanctions that impede your career track. You need to even the odds against you. We get to the facts and diligently represent you when so much is at stake.

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